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We specialize in residential and commercial air conditioner replacement. We'll keep you cool at home AND at work!​ As the weather gets warmer, you want to be sure you and your family have a cool oasis within your home. Yankton Heating and Cooling provides a wide array of AC services to the Yankton area, including repairs, installation and maintenance. 

From central air conditioning to ductless AC Units, we have exactly what your home needs. 

AC Repair
& Maintenance

Your air conditioning system works hard all summer long. At Yankton Heating and Cooling, we believe in giving you straightforward pricing on all repairs. Our certified HVAC technicians will run a diagnostic on your system, finding the source of the problem and repairing it efficiently and effectively. 

Sign-up for regular maintenance to keep your system operating at peak performance year-round. We'll change out your filter, clean out your condensing units and get your system ready to tackle the summer heat. 

Ductless Air Conditioning

We offer Ductless AC Systems! These units are unique in that they do not use your home's ductwork to deliver air throughout your home. Instead, ductless units use compressor mounted outside of your home in order to cool individual rooms within your home. 

These compact units are installed on the wall, requiring only a small hole to be drilled to connect to the unit to the compressor. Ductless units are a great alternative to window units when you're looking to cool individual areas of your home. 

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